Rally Programs

Thank you for taking a minute to check out our Rally Program. We are very excited about this concept, which was designed specifically to accommodate low quantity orders and help newer developers to increase their success chances for crowdfunding. As you are probably aware, most print companies will enforce a minimum order (MOQ) of 1,000 units. On occasion, you will find a company that will accept 500 units. With our Rally Program we can reach as low as 30 units!

Important Notice

Before I get into the program, it is very important to say at the beginning, that this program is **NOT** a replacement for crowdfunding. I actually encourage everyone to take their game to Kickstarter. Consider this program both an OVERLAY on top of your crowdfunding campaign as well as additional sales afterward.

How it Works

The Rally Program is very simply. We will create a chart for you that is based on a quantity of 100 units. Your task is to base your entire campaign on the assumption that you are going to order 100 units. What this does is allow you to aim for a smaller, more achievable goal. In doing so, your campaign target will be lower and more backers will be encouraged to support you since you can more easily reach your funding goal.

Let’s take an example:

In the document on this page, you will find a simple game that is priced at $10.00 a unit for 100 units. The price to buy that order is $1,000. At that point, you can take $1,000 as your base printing costs and factor in all of your other expenses like shipping to the customer and things like that.

Now fast-forward in time and your hypothetical campaign begins with your established threshold at $2,500. Let’s assume that you assign $25.00 as your sale price. If you end up with 100 backers, you would cover the 100 units and break even. Now let’s say that instead, you end up with 200 backers and total $25 x 200 = $5,000. Now you can see where the strength of the Rally Program begins.

If I knew that $2,500 would cover a $1,000 order, we can estimate the 2.5:1 ratio would continue working for you. (Please be sure to not use this in your campaign, establish real numbers! This is for example only.) If this ratio is usable, then $5,000 / 2.5 = $2,000. This would tell you that you can go up to around $2,000 in your order and still be covered by your campaign. In consulting our Rally Chart, we can see that for $2,208, we can actually buy 250 units. Because you had 200 backers fund your campaign, you now have an extra 50 units to sell, free and clear. Your unit price dropped from $10.00 down to $8.83!

If you did extremely well with your campaign, and had 500 backers, then your order could look like this:

$25 x 500 = $12,500,  $12,500 / 2.5 = $5,000 for your order.

$5,000 on your Rally Chart reveals an order somewhere between 1,000 and 1,750 and a unit price that dropped from $10.00 down to around $4.00! (FYI, we will take an order at any quantity. If you wanted 1,250, we can accommodate that.)

What it Includes

In our Rally Program, we have taken the liberty and included all of the expenses from our side of the table. The price you see in your chart is our quoted price for all of the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Tool and Die Fees
  • Electronic Transfer Fees (Client to MGP)
  • Shipping (China to Your Warehouse)
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Broker Fees

What is not included and is something that needs to be closely monitored by the developer:

  • Shipping (Your Warehouse to Your Customer)
  • Taxes
  • Crowdfunding Fees
  • Fulfillment Fees
  • Electronic Transfers (Customers to you, Crowdfunding, etc.)

Please click this link to see a mock Rally Plan Chart to understand a little better.

The power of the Rally Program kicks in as you begin to increase your order size. Obviously, we are talking about Bulk orders here, so we decided to offer Bulk rate breaks at lower order increments. As your sales go up, your breaks continue to reduce your unit cost, which allows your margin to increase.

 Pre-Sale / Print on Demand

I have always called the Rally Program a Pre-Sale / Print on Demand Hybrid plan. It allows you to get bulk rates on low quantities based on educated sales projections. If you don’t want to run the crowdfunding campaign or if you want to run a Rally afterward, no problem! Establish a period of time (like 30 days) and run a Rally, letting your customers know that after the campaign, we will be making a print run. Who ever wants to buy during this time, your price is $XX.

The great part of this is that your orders are demand-driven and not speculation. If 300 people are buying, then you only need to order 300 units. Its really that easy.

Ready to take the next step and see YOUR Rally Chart? Contact us for your copy.