Getting Started

When submitting your game specifications, one of the least thought about part is the actual set of questions that a game manufacture is going to ask you about your game:

  • What material do you want use for your game?
  • How much are you making? What are your Quantities?
  • When do you need it?
  • How do you want it packaged?
  • Where is it getting shipped?

It can get amazingly overwhelming to think about these things. My goal is to help you understand your needs so that you can supply me with the information.I can’t tell you how many time I receive an RFQ that reads something like this:


I am looking to get my game printed, can you help me with a quote?”

Well, the short answer is yes, but I need a little more information that that. Actually I need a lot more information than that. When you create your RFQ, try to think about it in terms of a recipe. What pieces do I need to acquire in order to successfully create your game for you? Also, when you are ready to contact a printer, your game should be ready to print. Its probably too late to be making a ton of revisions to the game. So look over your game one last time with a fresh set of eyes, and make notes of material types, quantities, etc.


  • Cardstock material?

What type of cardstock do you want to use for your game? Are you making a Boardgame? Card Game? Looking for thicker or thinner feeling material? Plastic components? Wooden Chits?

  • Print Finish

What kind of finish do you want on your cards, boxes, etc? Glossy? Matte? Linen?

  • Part Counts?

How many pieces parts are you including inside the game? Each piece will need to have a specification on material type.

  • Internal Packaging?

If you want to put things into a compartment in the unit, that will incur labor and material pricing. Much overlooked, the pricing includes the cardstock for the box, ink for printing as well as any type of plastic wrap going on the cards or the box. I advise that you consider your customer’s perspective on this. It may be cheaper for you to just shrink wrap cards, but once the customer breaks the cards open and then puts the game away, will the cards be a mess when its time to play the game a second time?

  • Rules and Inserts?

Do you want to include written rules? Perhaps a Kickstarter thank you letter? Each piece of paper must be printed, folded and inserted into the box. Keep in mind that color ink and double-sided printing will increase costs.

  • Carton Design?

How do you want the final box to look to the customer? Do you want a large folded box? A two-part box? A wooden box? What about a tin box? All of the options will have various expenses that you will need to balance in your budget, but also need to be decided on ahead of time in order to get a realistic quote.

Shipping Locations

Last thing is the shipping destination. Once we know where you are sending the product, we can get fairly accurate delivery dates and shipping costs. Please note that shipping prices fluctuate rapidly, so our quotes are only good for one month from the date on the quote. Any delays will require a new quote to ensure that your price is still good.

That’s It!

Once you have this information gathered, you can copy and paste the following sample into a notepad and edit accordingly:

Game Specs

**Item Name**
1x Thing

1x 2-piece Carton
Material: Gift box: 17″ x 12” x 3”
Printing: 4/0 (top and bottom), Matte finish

**Game Board**
1x Game board
Material: 5″ x 27″
Printing: 4/0, glossy finish
Notes: Tri-Folds to fit into 5″ x 8″ carton

100x Cards
Material: poker size, 270gsm greycore
Printing: 4/4, glossy

**Rule Book**
1x Rule book
Material: A4 x 52 pages
Printing: 4/4


Shipping Location: [City, State]

Please note that for printing, “4/4” indicates the printing process. Please take a look at our Printing Terms page to learn more about it.

Once you have everything figured out, please contact us with your information and we will get you a price as soon as we can. If you have any questions that we didn’t address, contact us, as we would be very happy to help you understand the industry better.